Rodrigo Otazu sine fantastiske smykker ++

Rodrigo Otazu har en fantastisk kollection smycker, vesker og sko som passe utmerket til ett romantisk bryllup.

Bilde er hentet fra Dragon Fly and Amber Gallery se også flere på Otazu sin hemsida.

Vintage fabric roses

Made from a vintage 1970s dress, these handmade pale pink roses by therussian on Etsy come in a bouquet of 3 roses wrapped on real tree branches with silver wire.

There are other, more unusual, fabric flowers available - like black and white striped flowers, made from an 80s blouse! Great for a retro-themed wedding.

Bilder & text er hentet fra BridalWave

Wedding Sign

On this most special of days, it's important that everyone knows where they're going. So inform and guide your guests with this wonderful enamel sign - printed both sides.

Bilde og text er hentet fra Cox and Cox

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