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Heather Smith Jones

Fant innlegget på bloggen Room and Serve

Maisie Fantaisie bröllopstårtor

Maisie Fantaisie

Hidemi Suginos konditori

Nydelig blomster bukett!!

Denne buketten er bare så utolig flott. Fra Søderstrøm Blomster og Hagesenter i Norge.

Fotograf: Ukjent

Rodrigo Otazu sine fantastiske smykker ++

Rodrigo Otazu har en fantastisk kollection smycker, vesker og sko som passe utmerket til ett romantisk bryllup.

Bilde er hentet fra Dragon Fly and Amber Gallery se også flere på Otazu sin hemsida.

Brimming with Beauty

Bilde från Martha Stewart

Fuchsia flower....

Romantisk bord från Martha Stewart

Romantisk bukett....

Nydelig blomster bukett....eller kanskje mest bilde som gjør den så fin.

Bilde fra Studio Fazett fotografene.

Peggy Porschen cakes

Masse utrolige flotte kaker...................Fascinated by baking and cake decorating from childhood, Peggy Porschen moved from her home in Germany to London in 1998 to take a Cordon Bleu course in French patisserie. From there she worked as a pastry chef at London's Lanesborough Hotel and celebrated caterer Rhubarb Food Design, followed by a position as cake decorator at Konditor & Cook, the bakery and restaurant near London's Old Vic Theatre.......

Bilder & text er hentet fra Peggy Porschen

Plum flower....inspiration..

Egentlig bare for inspiration men...........Locally produced flowers, foliage and plants make perfect environmental
sense--they don't spend days traveling so they're fresher, they don't incur air miles and they support the local economy.
Ask for local suppliers when you have the option.

Bilde & text är hentet fra eHow.com

Retro Flower and Vine Letterpress Invitation

We have a special place in our heart for wedding invitations. These invitations, which we designed and printed, features a retro flower and vine design that is carried throughout the set.

Bilder & text er hentet fra DolcePress.com

Vintage fabric roses

Made from a vintage 1970s dress, these handmade pale pink roses by therussian on Etsy come in a bouquet of 3 roses wrapped on real tree branches with silver wire.

There are other, more unusual, fabric flowers available - like black and white striped flowers, made from an 80s blouse! Great for a retro-themed wedding.

Bilder & text er hentet fra BridalWave

Jenny Packham - Keira

Designer Jenny Packham has to be one of the UK's most successful exports in the fashion industry. Internationally renowned for her fantastic collections of breathtaking dresses, Jenny's designs have graced many red-carpet events, with a star fan base that includes Keira Knightly, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Beyonce and Helena Christensen.

Glamorous eveningwear is purely Jenny Packham domain, the designer has been dubbed ‘eveningwear supremo' by Drapers, the fashion weekly trade magazine, and Vogue.com declared that ‘Nobody makes dresses like Jenny Packham'.

Bilde & text er hentet fra LussoLuxury.com

Wedding Sign

On this most special of days, it's important that everyone knows where they're going. So inform and guide your guests with this wonderful enamel sign - printed both sides.

Bilde og text er hentet fra Cox and Cox

Eco friendly wedding ideas...

Noen som vet hvor jeg kan finne lignende?

Bilder & text er hentet fra  Weddinglight.blogspot.com


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